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It was brought to our attention a while back (and, to be honest, we realised ourselves) that our website was beginning to look a bit tired. So after a bit of consideration we decided it was probably time we moved with the times & put the old static website out to grass & moved ourselves over to a new dynamic blog. Which is where you are now.

Doing this has various advantages for us & we hope for you too. The main advantage is that it’s quick and simple for any of us here at Bristol Silents to add/edit the blog & so we can keep it up to date a lot easier. There are several other advantages too. You can, for instance, sign up to be notified by email every time we add something new to the blog (See the column on the right, just below all the links, click on “Sign me up”, fill out your details & bob will be your uncle). If you prefer you can subscribe to the blog by RSS feed, something we never had set up for the old website. Increasingly it’s becoming the case that people don’t go looking for news about events, but rather they wait for the news to come to them. For people au fait with the world of social media you’ll know that we already use Twitter & Facebook to push news out to you, but by using a blog we’ve opened up these other two opportunities to help keep you abreast of what events we’ve got coming up.

We’re not going to be shutting down the old website just yet but it will, in time, disappear. The idea is that we’ll slowly shift anything from the old website that we want to keep over to here. Can’t give you an exact date as to when the old website will be shutdown properly but I suspect, judging by the site analytics for visits to the site, that it won’t matter to many people . If you do have anything in particular from the old website you’d like us to keep let us know in the comments below.

The Slapstick website is going to remain intact. You will still be able to find it here . The Slapstick site is ready to receive full details of Slapstick 2012. You can already find a link there to get tickets for the opening gala of The General in fact. (We’re going to be announcing the host for the gala next week so watch this space for details of that. We’ve been lucky enough to get a pretty big name this year so if you want to avoid the rush once we drop the announcement, now would be the time to go buy your ticket(s))(I know the chances are that if you’re reading this the big news for you won’t be who’s hosting the gala but rather what film we’re showing, but I suspect this year we’ll be selling a lot of tickets based on who the host is). There’s also a place on the Slapstick website where you can leave your email address if you want us to send you news about the festival as soon as we release it.

Over the years we’ve managed to acquire quite a lot of video footage from the many events we’ve put on. We’re in the process of editing all this & uploading it to the web. Eventually we’ll start posting that here too & the fact that doing this on a blog rather than a website will make it easier for us to do this.

Right, that’s all for now. Here endeth the first posting. Watch this space.

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