Natural History Museum Screening – The Lost World

Just a quickie this one. If you read the post about The Lost World tour  a few days ago all the way to the bottom you’ll have seen the cliffhanger whereby we promised you an extra screening that wasn’t 100% firmed up but that would to be rather special if it came to pass.

It has come to pass. Kind of gave it away in the title of the blog but if you skipped the title & just jumped straight into the body of this post then the news is that the venue will be The Natural History Museum’s dinosaur hall. I don’t know about you but I can’t imagine a better way to watch the film than being surrounded by the skeletons of the stars of the film. At the moment there’s a special exhibition on at the museum titled Age Of The Dinosaur which obviously fits in perfectly with The Lost World.

Unfortunately tickets aren’t quite on sale yet but I decided to spill the beans anyway. When tickets do go on sale you’ll have to get them directly from the Natural History Museums website. I’ll update both this blog & the previous blog about The Lost World Tour then. And obviously I’ll let you know through the usual social media channels.

The date of the screening is Fri 21st October so will be the last film of the tour.

Tickets for The Lost World at The Natural History Museum can be bought here

If you would like to see clips from the Lost World with John Garden’s score pop back to the post titled “Lost world Tour – Extra Screenings” here

Buy tickets for The Natural History Museums “Age Of The Dinosaur” exhibition here (just the exhibition, not the film)

The Natural History Museum’s home page is here


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