Der Hellige Berg (1926)

Later this week The Cube cinema are running their fourth “Out Of…” micro festival in their microplex, this one dedicated to mountains. The festival runs from this Thursday, the 6th October & finishes on Sunday the 9th October. To quote from their website:

The ‘Out of the Mountains’ Season offer audiences opportunities to view a broad range of work made by filmmakers around the world, whose cinematic inspiration in this season is the ultimate draw of the Mountain.

You may be wondering what this has to do with silent film (I’m assuming you didn’t notice either the title of this post or the youtube video). Well, one of the films screening (on Friday 7th October @ 9pm) will be Arnold Fanck’s silent classic Der Hellige Berg (1926) (aka The Holy Mountain).

Again quoting from The Cube’s website:

German filmmaker and doctor Arnold Fanck (1889-1974) made this beautifully photographed Bergfilm, or ‘mountain film’, in 1926. Written in three days and nights — especially for Leni Riefenstahl — The Holy Mountain took over a year to film in the Alps with an entourage of expert skiers and climbers. Ostensibly a love triangle romance — between Riefenstahl’s young dancer and the two explorers she encounters — Fanck relishes the glorious Alpine landscape by filming death-defying climbing, avalanche-dodging, and frenetic downhill ski racing. After learning the ropes from Fanck, Riefenstahl’s own Bergfilme flowered at UFA during the 1930s, and Fanck became her editor. This restoration is a visual feast — a fascinating look at the origins of a genre.

Not only is it a rare chance to see a silent classic but the screening is also going to be accompanied by The Cube’s house band. As you can imagine we at Bristol Silents are pretty sad the screening clashes with Pordenone Silent film festival, but we definitely encourage as many as possible of you to get down to The Cube as possible. Should be an amazing evening. And please report back to us next time we meet

For more information follow click on the below links:

Cube website:  Out of the Mountains Film Festival

Cube Facebook: Out of the Mountains Event

Cube Website: Der Heilige Berg

IMDB: Der Heilige Berg

Cube Homepage including directions: Cube

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