Slapstick Ale 2012 Launch

Friday 9th December
The Victoria Pub, Clifton (Next to the Lido, Clifton)

December sees another year of Bristol Silents coming to a close!
However, before the projectors are put to bed we have one final outing for everyone.

Sadly no Club Screening for December, but seeing that we have our regular Slapstick Silent Comedy Film Festival just around the corner (January 2012 for all you guys not in the know) I guess we can announce our Slapstick Ale. This will give us a chance to relax our eyes for a change, and on top of that, have a bit of good old film banter while have some really great locally made beer; wine is on offer if needed.

So the Slapstick 2012 beer launch night will take place on Friday 9th December at the Victoria Pub, Clifton (next to the Lido, Clifton) and will start from around 7:30ish until late (very late). The launch will also get a chance to try out the new Slapstick beer as well as the infamous Choc a Dee ale (which is named after a certain silent film comedian; you have to turn up to find out who it is).

And on top of that, we will screen a selection of George Melies films in honour of the great man who’s birthday which would have taken place on the 8th December (there wasn’t any real point us having it on a Thursday we thought).

Last year was very impressive, especially when some of us ended up in the Bristol Evening Post (for all the good reasons I might add).

So there it is! Most certainly a good night to write in your diary. There will be incredibly good beer (and wine) and enough silent films to keep you going for the entire night, I dare you to join us!! JOIN US!!!

Many thanks to our friends at Dawkins Ales & Taverns who let us play with their pumps to get these beers made for another great Slapstick Festival!

More info of the beer and the location can be found on Dawkins Ales & Taverns:

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