Club Screening – Introducing Pierre Étaix

Wednesday 11th January 2012 7.30

The King’s Arms,
Blackboy Hill,

Free Admission

May We Introduce You to Pierre Étaix?

As I hope most of you are well aware the next recipient of the Aardman/Slapstick award for excellence in the field of silent & visual comedy is going to be the Great Silent French Comedian Pierre Étaix.

As very few people are familiar with the work of Msr Étaix we thought we’d kick off 2012 with an introduction to him.

Throughout the sixties Pierre Étaix consistently produced some of the finest visual comedies on screen, yet due to a disastrous rights deal his films have not been seen for almost 40 years. Étaix is a clown, magician, illustrator and cabaret artist whose films recall the genius of Keaton, Chaplin and Lloyd. During his career he worked with Jacques Tati on Mon Oncle (1958), and then found an ideal collaborator for his own film projects in Jean-Claude Carrière.

The night will be hosted by Broadcaster and Slapstick’s Master of Ceremonies Chris Serle.

And don’t forget you can meet Pierre Etaix at Slapstick 2012!! He’s involved in two events at the festival, both on Sunday. For more details about his involvement in Slapstick 2012 click through on these links:

Pierre Étaix: The Laughter Returns

Le Grand Amour, introduced by Pierre Étaix

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