Günter Buchwald Awarded Prize

As most of you will know both Bristol Silents & the Slapstick Festival have been lucky enough to have had a close relationship with Günter Buchwald, both as a musician on his own & in association with the brilliant Silent Film Virtuosi (who are pictured above, Günter being on the far left).

Because of our close relationship with Günter we were especially thrilled when we received the following email from him informing us that he had very deservedly been awarded a prestigious honour back in his native Germany:

I am happy to announce I have been awarded the 2012 Cultural Prize for the City of Freiburg (Reinhold Schneider Sponsorship award)
which is given to musicians every six year “recognizing my national and international artistic contribution to the renaissance of Silent Film as musician, composer and conductor”.

Günter went on to thank everyone who’d worked with him and, obviously, we’d like to extend his thanks to everyone who has ever attended any of the events we’ve staged that have included Günter in the ‘musicians’ chair – it goes without saying that without an audience for silent film neither Bristol Silents nor the Slapstick Festival would exist and we’d have had no need to call on Günter’s services.

Günter finished the letter with the following PS:

…as the award is NOT given for my lifetime achievement… I would feel very happy to continue our cooperation.

… to which we can only say “Phew” and look forward to future collaborations with him in his many musical incarnations.

Finally, this is an excellent excuse to embed this video from YouTube in which Günter’s talking about the score for Charlie Chaplin’s “The Circus” (1928). Enjoy.

Should you wish to find out any more information about Günter his website is here: Günter’s website Do bear in mind though that this link is a google translate link so the English may be a bit dodgy at times.

  1. #1 by James Harrison on February 19, 2012 - 9:48 pm

    A MASSIVE CONGRATS to Günter!!

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