Upcoming Silent Screenings March

March is shaping up to be a good month for Bristol’s swelling hordes of silent film enthusiasts as we have, at the latest count, four silent films screening in the city across three venues. One of these is, of course, our monthly Club screening, of which more in a later post and of the other three, two are screening at Arnolfini and one at Watershed. And naturally as silent film appreciation has now reached a level whereby promoters know they can’t get away without an accompanist, at all three events the very talented Mr. Stephen Horne will be providing live music.

The first film Stephen will be accompanying is on 4th March at Watershed and is Miles Mander’s The First Born (1928)

To quote from IMDB:

“A beautiful young woman marries a wealthy man, but he turns out to be a cad who mistreats her and cheats on her at every opportunity.”

A longer synopsis and details regarding the purchase of tickets can be found on Watershed’s website here

The next two films are at the Arnolfini and are part of the touring Fashion in Film Festival’s Birds of Paradise programme which aims to present:

“An intoxicating exploration of costume as a form of cinematic spectacle, featuring a program consisting of those films that most distinctly foreground costume, adornment and styling as vehicles of sensuous pleasure and enchantment”.

Both these films are on the 10th March, the first at 4.30, the second 7.30.

The first of the film’s is Michael Curtiz’s Golden Butterfly (1926). Set in the jazz age it showcases the high glamour of metropolitan night life and includes some accomplished dance routines.

Further info & tickets from Arnolfini’s website here

The second film is Léonce Perret’s The Orchid Dancer (1928) which tells a story of dramatic intrigue surrounding an exotic dancer known as The Orchid and the man who loves her.

This is a new restoration of the film which will be making it’s UK premiere here in Bristol.

Again, further info regarding this film can be found on Arnolfini’s website here

As a special bonus member’s of Bristol Silents can flash their membership cards at any of these events & get a discounted ticket price.

As ever, hope to see some of you (or all of you) at some of them (or all of them).

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  1. #1 by James Harrison on February 23, 2012 - 9:40 pm

    Planning to go to most of these. The First Born is supposed to be great!!

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