Slapstick Festival Tour

Now in it’s eighth year the Slapstick Festival is Europe’s premiere silent comedy festival. January saw the most successful ‘Slapstick’ to date with over 5000 people in attendance (a record for us). The highlight was our gala screening of THE GENERAL (1926) at Colston Hall. This tour offers people who were unable to come to Bristol in January a rare opportunity to enjoy the best silent comedy from Slapstick Festival across the South-West at a handful of specially selected venues.

All but one of the venue’s will be screening The General, the exception being the Curzon in Clevedon who’ll be screening The Cameraman.

Buster Keaton’s feature length classic comedy The General (1926) is considered an undisputed masterpiece of cinema. Set in the American Civil War, Buster Keaton plays Jonnie Gray unable to enlist in the Confederate army because he is needed as a railroad engineer. His sweetheart, who thinks he’s a coward, won’t talk to him until he’s in uniform. Each event will also feature a classic Laurel & Hardy silent short from the 1920s and a selection of other highlights from January’s festival.

All the films shown at these events will be introduced by Slapstick Festival Director Chris Daniels and accompanied live by multi instrumentalist silent film maestro Stephen Horne. In the wake of ‘The Artist’ come and experience an original classic from the era.

Venue’s taking part in the tour are as follows:

19/03/12 7:45 Curzon Cinema, Clevedon 01275 871000

(Please note that The Curzon will be screening Keaton’s The Cameraman rather than The General)

20/03/12 7:30PM Strode Theatre, Street 01458 442846

21/03/12 8:00PM The Barn, Dartington 01803 847070 

24/03/12 7:30PM The Regent, Christchurch 01202 499199

25/03/12 3:00PM Turner Sims Theatre, Southhampton 023 8059 5151

We look forward to hopefully seeing some of you at some of these events.

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