Well, December has arrived again and another year of Bristol Silents comes to a close!

And blimey, what a year it has been! Who would have thought that a silent film would over run the Academy Awards and become one of the most succesfull films of the year (since it’s orginal release that is). On top of this excitement, there have been some fantastic DVD/ Blu Ray releases over the past year as well as some incredible publications all celebrating the silent era. More about all this in the our our future post.

For now however we thought we would invite you to one final event before our projectors are packed away for another year! So, Friday 7th December will see the official Slapstick 2013 Beer launch at our very Bristol Silents haunt, Dawkins Ales’ The Victoria Pub, Clifton …and unlike past years when we only have one beer to try out, we have TWO of them to try out!

As many Bristol Silents and Slapstick Festival regulars would know, we have had the classic Slapstick Black on for quite a few years now (4 years) but Dawkins Ales have changed it a little bit and have (for the first time ever) established a special Slapstick White beer as well. So everyone’s taste buds are now covered (by the people who drink cider we guess). We are also thrilled that every pint of either Slapstick Black or White sold contributes to the Slapstick Festival!

We could go on about these two very special beers (we’ve all already tried them both and they are fantastic), but to be honest, you have to just come along and try them yourself! For now however, we thought we would post the drinking notes for both Slapstick 2013 beers…

Slapstick Black: Dark with roasted malt flavours and deep red fruits, coffee and chocolate tones. 5% abv

Slapstick White: Blonde beer made with lager malt and wheat for a juicy, fresh and juicy, well-rounded flavour. 4.5% abv

Back to the plan for this coming Friday (Friday 7th December, 2012) turn up whenever you want; some of us will be there from 18:30 – 19:00ish onwards. So come along and enjoy a traditional British ale, in a very traditional British pub, with a very traditional roaring fire with a very traditional… you get the idea.

We are also planning to screen some classic Silent Comedy shorts throughout the night! You won’t be dissapointed!

We couldn’t go without posting our favourite BFI beer short as well;

‘Tom Green was a comedian and arranger of pantomime harlequinades at the Brighton Aquarium, where it is likely he ran into director G.A. Smith as he exhibited his early films. Smith employed Mr. and Mrs. Green to perform in his comedies at 10 shillings a time.

In this film, Green is on his own performing what is known as a ‘facial’, that is a piece direct to camera showing changing facial expressions. The ability to get close up to the star was a great advantage that film had over the stage and early filmmakers were keen to exploit it. Here Tom Green quaffs a glass of beer and gets progressively drunker and more leery’. (Bryony Dixon / BFI)

So there it is! Most certainly a good night to write in your diary for later this week. There will be incredibly good beer (and wine if your not a big fan of beer) and enough silent films to keep you going for the entire night, I dare you to join us!! JOIN US!!!

As usual, our thanks to our great friends at Dawkins Ales who let us play with their pumps (as it were) to get these beers made for another great Slapstick Festival! See you soon!

The Victoria
2 Southleigh Road,
Tel: 0117 9745675

Friday 7th December / 6:30pm till Close / Free Entry

  1. #1 by Horst Claus on December 3, 2012 - 8:12 pm

    Friday is December 7!!!


    • #2 by James Harrison on December 4, 2012 - 10:07 am

      This has been changed. Might see you on Friday?

  2. #3 by Tim Nickolls on February 6, 2013 - 9:54 pm

    Dawkins had communicated that the festival special beers would be available at Colston Hall on gala night, but no-one there had the feintest idea what I was on about. Tim Nickollsd Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2012 10:20:00 +0000 To:

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