Slapstick 2013 Tour Dates


Did you really think that Slapstick Festival 2013 would finish on Sunday 27th January?! Not on your life! We are about to go on tour! Info about dates, locations and screenings below.

Hope to see you at the events!

A Classic Silent Comedy Double Bill with Live Music:
Buster Keaton in Steamboat Bill Jr (1928) with Charlie Chaplin in The Rink (1916)

Hot on the heels from Bristol’s ninth Slapstick Festival a third tour of the UK sets off celebrating the late great comics of the golden age of visual comedy. Presenting the ‘best of the fest’ Director of Slapstick Festival Chris Daniels introduces two film masterpieces from the festival canon of silent comedies.

The double bill begins with Chaplin’s classic comedy from Mutual studio The Rink. Charlie plays a waiter with a penchant for roller skating in this very funny and delightful comedy short.
US, 1916, Dir: Charles Chaplin, 24mins.


Steamboat Bill Jr stars the irrepressible Buster Keaton as the hapless son of a Mississippi riverboat captain who returns home to help out his father’s business – with disastrous consequences! One of Keaton’s most accomplished and funniest works, whilst the hurricane scenes are landmarks in cinema slapstick.
US, 1928, Dir: Charles F. Riesner, 71 min

With live musical accompaniment by silent film maestro Stephen Horne who will be performing on piano keyboard, accordion and flute.

Wednesday 20th March: The Quad, Derby
Book Online or Telephone: 01332 290606

Friday 22nd March: The Electric Cinema, Birmingham
Book Online or Telephone 0121 643 7879

Saturday 23rd March: The Barn Dartington
Book Online or Telephone 01803 847070

Sunday 24th March: The Curzon Community Cinema, Clevedon
Book Online or Telephone 01275 871000

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