Slapstick Film Fest Challenge: A Minute’s Silence Please

City-of-Bristol-logoFor the first year ever Slapstick Festival has collaborated with City of Bristol College for a unique challenge wherein the students on a foundation level course there were given the task of creating silent comedy films.

The students were told that if their submissions were of a high enough standard that they’d be shared with the festivals audience. And guess what? They are!

We have nine films in total which will be shared both here and via our social media accounts on a one per day basis till the start of the festival. Those social media accounts include our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Slapstick Festival Director Chris Daniels says:

“We were delighted to be asked to set an ‘as real’ film-making challenge for the college’s first year foundation degree students and have all been charmed by the little films they have made on the slapstick comedy theme. Despite limited time and budgets, the students have entered into the spirit of the assignment really well and come up with some very likeable silent comedy ideas for us to share with our Facebook and Twitter followers and so raise awareness that the 10th birthday Slapstick is nearly here. We also hope it will encourage others to try similar collaborations. It’s good to see the college supporting local events and it makes sense for local organisations to work with the college so that students emerge with the skills and experience we need”

So with no further ado here is film no. 1: The Wait.

All subsequent videos will appear daily on our Youtube channel (and will be added here too).

Film no. 2: The Egg and Spoon Race.

Film no. 3: The Interview.

Film no. 4: Slapstick Short

Film no. 5: Slapstick Dinner Date

Film no. 6: Peter Wakeman Slapstick Piece

Film no. 7: Messy Slapstick

Film no. 8: Coop Capers

Film no. 9: A Social Event:

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