WW1 Double Bill: A Couple of Down and Outs (1923) + Shoulder Arms (1918)

On Thursday 12th February 2015 a unique event is taking place at MShed, Bristol. A Silent Film Double Bill to mark the First World War. This special double bill will include a rare screening of Walter Summers’ superb silent film A Couple of Down and Outs (1923). A story which is the pre-cursor to the highly successful, novel, play and feature film War Horse!

Made before Summers’ highly celebrated The Battles of Coronel and Falkland Islands (1927), which was recently re-released by the BFI and something that we posted about, A Couple of Down and Outs tells the story of unemployed ex-soldier Danny Creathe (played by Rex Davis) and his attempt to rescue the horse which accompanied him through the First World War. The rescue attempt turns into a full blown cat and mouse game as the pair are chased through the streets of 1920’s London. A real rare treat!

‘Rare’ is the word for this film as well, as A Couple of Down and Outs has hardly been seen in the UK since its original release in 1923, and only ONE complete print of the film is known to exist. We are thrilled to say that this print will be screened as part of the Moved by Conflict exhibition at MShed.

Also, to accompany A Couple of Down and Outs, Charles Chaplin will be replacing his ‘Little Fellow’ bowler hat for a military one as he takes on the Kaiser in his celebrated WW1 comedy Shoulder Arms (1918). Expect high comedy with classic slapstick as Charlie tries to win the war all by himself!

Both films will be screened with live musical accompaniment by the superb Stephen Horne.

Book in advance to avoid disappointment!

Booking information
£10 / £8 conc.
Doors: 6:30pm
Film screening: 7:30pm
Tickets include entry into Moved by Conflict before the film screening.

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