Patrons and Supporters

 Lord Attenborough. Lord Attenborough visited Bristol Silents in 2003 to introduce his biopic Chaplin. He instantly agreed to be a Patron of Bristol Silents: “It was a silent movie – Chaplin’s The Gold Rush – that convinced me where my future lay. Silent films, in an astonishingly brief time, created an entirely new and unprecedented art form, that at its best has a power that has never been surpassed. Every film maker of today can and must still find great inspiration in the silents”.

Kevin Brownlow. “Bristol Silents is an inspired idea. It is the first time anyone has linked their community to the lost art of silent films. By showing how irresistible they are and by carrying the programmes to other towns, Bristol Silents could easily set off a chain reaction.”


David Robinson. “The special achievement of Bristol Silents has been to demonstrate that the silent cinema is not just a quaint byway for nostalgists, but remains a vital and self-contained art, with many lessons to teach modern filmmakers, and many pleasures and surprises to stimulate contemporary audiences.”


Diana Serra Cary. We are thrilled to have amongst our Patrons a direct, living contact with the golden age of Hollywood silent films. As the brilliant child star “Baby Peggy”, Diana was a major figure in silent movies in the early 1920s, a serious rival to the legendary Jackie Coogan in the affections of the silent movie public.


Paul McGann. Paul is a passionate & enthusiastic fan of silent film & has been involved in numerous live events we have produced.




Peter Lord. Peter has been a supporter of Bristol Silents since it’s inception & has helped & encouraged us immensely along the way. He is, of course, most well known as the co-director of Aardman Animations.



David Sproxton. David is the other half of Aardman Animations. He too has been equally supportive of Bristol Silents & has been involved in some of our events.




Chris Serle. Chris has been a dedicated fan of Silent film for some time now & first became involved with Bristol Silents in 2002. He became hooked on Silent film following Keaton & Eisenstein seasons at the BFI.



Andrew Kelly. Andrew is the author of 11 books and is currently the director of Festival Of Ideas with whom Bristol Silents has collaborated in the past. He has hosted events for Bristol Silents with both Ray Harryhausen and Paul McGann and is a long-term supporter of our aims.


Don Fairservice. Don Fairservice is a BAFTA award-winning freelance film editor, teacher and author. “Bristol Silents is unique. There is no other organisation in Britain so dedicated to the study and promotion of silent cinema. The heritage that is Silent Cinema lasted for only thirty years. During that time it produced many films of originality and brilliance, hundreds have been lost and others remain largely unseen. Bristol Silents is determined to bring the best of this archive into the light!”

  1. #1 by janet alvarez on October 6, 2012 - 1:51 pm

    Hello! I’ve searched and searched for a way to contact Mr. Robinson, but could find none. I’m hoping that you might pass this inquiry to him. After seeing “Limelight” in LA this past Wednesday, I became very interested to know the back-story. I read Mr. Robinson’s piece on the making of the movie and was fascinated that Chaplin wrote it first in novel form, with complete bios of the two main characters (a very actorly thing, that!). It sounds as if Mr. Robinson has read this novel, and though he says it was never intended for publication or indeed published, I’m wondering if it might be found somewhere (on the web?) or if he was only granted the honour of reading it do to his relationship with Mr. Chaplin. Any help you can give in forwarding my question is deeply appreciated. (or perhaps someone in your society knows the answer!)

    Thank you and best regards,

    Janet Alvarez

    • #2 by Bristol Silents on October 6, 2012 - 3:56 pm

      Hi Janet – I shall pass on you enquiry to someone who may be able to help. I’ll give them your email address too.

      • #3 by janet alvarez on October 6, 2012 - 7:34 pm

        thank you so much! jan~

  2. #4 by janet alvarez on October 6, 2012 - 2:20 pm

    oops, sorry for not spelling “due” correctly. Getting old!

  3. #5 by on February 2, 2013 - 9:36 pm

    I truly have a tendency to agree with all the stuff that was in fact authored within “Patrons and Supporters
    Bristol Silents”. Many thanks for pretty much
    all the info.Regards,Angelika

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